Strategies to prevent back pain in the workplace

A common complaint among people in the workplace recurring back pain. Some people just shrugged, considering that this is to avoid a part of everyday life. The fact that there are specific strategies is that. A man can be avoided at work

Standing, limo ride

Many of the twenty-first century workers spend most of your day looking at a computer screen. On the table for long periods of sitting is a major cause of back pain and even permanent damage. Perhaps the most important strategy to use in order to avoid back pain at work will keep stretching and walking. Healthy living report "US News and World Report» recommends up. Some of their work at least twice an hour, and go route


Often produces neck and back pain from stress. No work is always fully environmental stresses. Work stress and pressure at work has. Various physical, emotional and mental health benefits, including preventing it if stress or stress at work appears to be increasing, step. Away from the scene for a moment and activity in any relaxation Such activities can be as simple as sitting in a quiet room with your eyes closed for a short time.

Sleep right

Some work-related back pain is actually exacerbated by the manner in which a person is asleep. Under the corrective actions with respect to how the person is sleeping may help to prevent back pain at work. The key to prevent proper sleep and back pain, the use of a suitable mattress. Something needs to be promoting the "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." The mattress is not too hard, not too soft. Pillows should be large and strong enough to support not only the head of bed, but his upper back, as well.

Exercise regularly

Strong back are less likely to be a pain. Person knowingly overall strategy of healthy life, and those who want to avoid the work required to participate in regular exercise and fitness. Fend off course designed in part to not only to strength training, stretching, and include, but. The man who has to protect her seriously wants to bring at least three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes per session.

Spirit power

What people eat is its ability to prevent their recruitment. Diets that promote (found in green vegetables such as broccoli or spinach), rich in calcium and vitamin K. Strengthen bones and help prevent outbreaks of his person should eat about back pain affects multiple parts and products, daily from high calcium and vitamin C.

Ergonomic Workspace

Another key to preventing back pain to make sure that the working area or workplace adequately ergonomic design. What this means is that the workplace is designed to accommodate the most negative voltage employee body, including his back.


Best measure to avoid back pain at work to bring all of these specific strategies in the overall program for everyday life.

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