The Benefits of Growing Algae in Your Water Filter

Warning -- Satire -- April Fool's Post

One of the factors that's often overlooked in our efforts to replicate the health of non-industrial cultures is water quality. Traditional cultures don't drink sterilized, chlorinated, fluoridated tap water. They drink from natural flowing streams and lakes, complete with their natural minerals, and... algae.

With every gulp, they ingest millions or even billions of tiny green organisms entirely missing from the modern water supply (1).

Fortunately, we can drink algae water too. As a matter of fact, millions of lazy people are doing it right now! All you have to do is buy a clear water filter, use it regularly and leave it in the sun. Over time, you'll develop your very own film of algae that will constantly shed into the water you drink. Here are some of the benefits of algae water:
  • Adds oxygen to the water, increasing your energy on a cellular level!
  • Probiotics in every cup
  • Algae are full of vitamin K. Who needs spinach!
  • Make your own biofuel
4 out of 5 scientists agree that a cup of algae water equals 3.7 servings of vegetables (2).

April fools!